A Summary of my Journey into the Catholic Church

I grew up in an irreligious household and my mom raised our family without exposure to any sort of religion. However, my aunts and uncles were pastors/ministers, so I was exposed to some degree to the Baptist tradition of Christianity during my youth.

Out of selfish motives in my environment/family in my teenage years, I decided to engage more with Christianity to appear religious. But God was definitely working to convert my heart. I was baptized in April 2010 during my freshman year of college at my uncle’s Baptist church.

During my college years, I experimented heavily with Black Liberation Theology and eventually discovered Reformed Theology. My journey with these two schools of thought was my attempt to find a permanent core to ground my faith in.

Around the time I was married in 2015, I began to question my denomination preference but I didn’t pursue it seriously so I swept my questions under the rug. All the while, I still had doubts while I attended weekly praise and worship at my Baptist community.

I tried investigating the Catholic Church at least twice but it was never fruitful. I primarily wanted to know how the apostles worshipped but what I discovered in Protestantism didn’t add up. Whether it was the Episcopal or Presbyterian Church, I found their services detached from ancient tradition.

So my quest was at a standstill.

Through God’s love, one Saturday morning in 2016, I heard EWTN’s “Divine Mercy Chaplet” and the words touched me profoundly. The lyrics were both theological and lovely.

Truth be told, I never heard a song like that before and I was convicted by its lyrics.

Afterward, I had a new resolve to be Catholic. My objections soon became answered and I enrolled in RCIA.

After a long process in two faith formation courses, I was finally confirmed during Easter 2018 and became Catholic!

Shortly after my entrance into the Catholic Church, my wife decided to explore Catholicism by joining RCIA. In December 2019, we gave birth to our son who will one day be baptized and exposed to the Catholic tradition.

Now, I try to educate others about the Catholic Church on social media! I’m passionate about the Sacrament of Holy Orders, so I created a small podcast that interviews priests in the archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

Slowly but surely, I will be involved in some capacity teaching and illuminating black Americans about the truth and beauty of the Catholic Church.

I think this is one of the forgotten segments in the Church and there has been a poor job toward reconciling the broken relationship by centuries of racism and institutional discrimination in Catholic America.

Eventually, I will help lead black men and women to the priesthood, diaconate, or religious life. Our community is in dire need of vocations and one day they will flourish!

I thank God for the grace He gave me to accept His calling.

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