Thoughts on Hinduism

In the infamous comments section of Youtube, someone replied to my comment by altering Christianity with Hinduism to make their point about God being irrelevant in society.

I had a lot of thoughts on this illogical switch.

First, all religions aren’t the same just as all books aren’t the same. Sure, they all may have pages or a cover but at their core, there are substantial differences such as genres and style. Similarly, all religions may have “God” but have drastically different ideas of worship and spirituality.

Secondly, Hinduism is not monotheistic therefore has problems regarding the nature of God. Although there are different sects, Hinduism is actually a pantheistic/polytheistic worldview that is totally at odds with fundamental attributes about the nature of God, His character, etc. Moreover, some people think there are millions of gods, while many will narrow it down to just three principal gods (sometimes dubbed as the Trinity of Hinduism), regardless it’s one too many. These deities have different attributes that conflict with each other.

For example, the Holy Trinity (Vishnu, Brahman, and Shiva) has duties of creation, destruction, and presentation of the universe. This lets me know the gods of Hinduism aren’t all-powerful and finite in their range of divinity since it takes three deities to accomplish the task of creation.

Since truth is an essential element of His Being, God can’t contradict himself. I don’t suppose an ordered and awe-inspiring creation could flow from confusion among the Hindu deities all with powers and attributes that contradict God’s nature. As a result, this means Hinduism couldn’t put forth a coherent and sound argument for the cosmos nor does Hinduism strive to do so.

What are we to take away from Hinduism then? Well, while it’s not the full revelation of God, there may be parts of truth in it insofar they contain elements to prepare one for the gospel. (CCC, 843). So by these elements, it’s a stepping stone to help one find Christ.


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