A Pro-Life Platform to Advocate

I often see the line “pro-lifers only care about life in the womb” to convey that those that are pro-life don’t care about what happens after a person is born.

This is wholeheartedly false!

We can’t say we’re pro-life and don’t back other life issues. Human dignity is sacred in the womb and outside!

The pro-life movement has taken many forms such as annual events, legislative initiatives, and even smaller citizen-led programs. This same amount of zeal for the unborn can transfer for other life issues.

Here is an incomplete list of policies, I believe, pro-lifers should advocate :

1. Efficient and evidenced-based safety nets that promote independence, eradicate obstacles in communities and helps recipients, most importantly families, thrive.

2. School choice programs that ensure all students can get a quality education without being locked according to zip codes, failing schools, or nearby districts.

3. Some sort of capital punishment ban. As it stands, the death penalty has a contentious reputation. Since 1973, approximately 166 people have been wrongfully executed. Who knows, the number could be higher. As it stands, the death penalty can no longer be a viable solution considering that many people have been wrongfully executed and there are other alternatives in criminal justice.

4. Laws that ban euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide

5. Unborn protection rights: abortion ban, establish personhood laws, bans on sex-selective abortions, ban on genetically based abortions.

6. Comprehensive immigration: At the heart of the immigration debate is “why” immigrants flee to more desirable countries. More resources, advocacy, and accountability on foreign governments to address issues such as poverty, corruption, and political instability should be the focus. While authentically applying the Catechism of the Catholic Church section on foreigners/juridical decision in 2241.

7. More pressure on companies/employers to offer a minimum of 6 weeks of paid leave. Literally, no excuse why new parents should go back to work a week after birth.

8. Support stringent human trafficking, labor, and sex slavery, laws that crackdown on employers, companies, and industries that engage in unlawful exploitation of people.

9. Federal fetal homicide law that recognizes all trimesters and stages.

10. Demilitarization across the globe to ensure peace and reduce conflicts. The Catechism of the Catholic Church outlines the use of legitimate military defense in section 2309 which is a good starting point.

More issues could be described but I will leave it at these ten that encompass a wide array of topics that are essential to creating a world where human dignity flourishes and creates opportunities for good to abound.

What do you think? What are some pro-life issues that are fundamental?

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