A New Chapter: Fatherhood

Last spring, I wrote to you about how contraception thwarted God’s design for our marriage and natural family planning was the logical and spiritual decision to make to live as God intended in the Sacrament of Matrimony. Although, difficult at the beginning, my wife and I, with the assistance of our fertility coach, developed a careful system to track her reproductive signs.

Moreover, in the same post, I mentioned that our priority with NFP was creating a baby.

Honestly, I’m horrible at keeping “secrets”

Year after year, I give hints during Christmas time of the gifts I bought because I can’t keep quiet about surprises.

For 39 weeks, I’ve withheld chronicling my experience as a father for this ultimate moment.

On Sunday at 10:03 a.m. our son, Nasir, was born.

The doctors had to do an emergency c-section because his vitals were fluctuating.

At one point, I even heard a very low heart rate. As a skilled team of nurses and doctors swiftly escorted my wife away, I sat alone in fear so that’s when the power of prayer came in handy.

I asked all the angels, Saints, Blessed Virgin Mary, and the host of heaven for their intercession.

The miracle happened about 30 minutes later when the doctor told me I could enter the operating room for her surgery.

When I heard this news, hope flickered in my heart.

After entering the operating room, I saw my wife on a gurney surrounded by a team of health care professionals, all of whom were very nice and caring, work swiftly to get the baby out.

As I sat by her side, I got the alert at 10:03 he was born which made me feel relieved. I walked around the surgery table and saw the Apgar examination happening and I was well pleased to discover he had good scores.

Boy, a flurry of emotions stirred.

Overall, I was thankful.

Fast forward….we served our three days in the hospital, my wife is fine, and we were discharged yesterday.

I’m on paid leave for 9 weeks, and I’ll take this time to grow as a husband and father in this new role. Plus sneak in some relaxation too from the HIGH demands from work.

I can’t express how thankful I am to have a career, a paycheck, insurance, quality health care, a team of skilled practitioners, a healthy wife, a healthy baby boy, and faith in God.

Just so very thankful.

If you’re reading, please keep my family in your prayers and thoughts. I won’t be attending Mass till my wife is healed so please keep us in your prayer intentions.

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  1. Congratulations Efran! Your most important title now is Dad. Prayers of thanksgiving, blessing and praise to God for your for the birth of Nasir. And thanksgiving for your wife’s role in all this (we guys have it pretty good for 9 months or so!). I pray for and wish your family well!

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    • Thank you. You expressed kindness and encouragement during my Confirmation and now this. Great to see your Godly influence spread through social media. I appreciate your prayers too. lol I definitely will need them for these sleepless nights I’ve had and will have!!!

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  2. Congrats! Everything changes in the blink of an eye in the delivery room. Parenting is such a blessing and high high privilege. Keep your marriage strong (your responsibility) and your family will be strong.

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