Mysterious Appearances

On Sunday before Mass begun, I sat in the pew and performed my normal duties: pulled the kneeler down, prayed, and tried to quiet my mind to prepare for the day’s liturgy.

The parish I attend is adorned with images, and beautiful stained glass pictures of maytrs and apostles, so I mostly look at the images to channel peace. Moreover, my wife and I sit up front by the Tabernacle and altar which has many positives for me such as being able to watch the consecration and a “front-row seat” to the Eucharist while it’s in the tabernacle.

As I sat in this privileged section, I observed the Tabernacle and the stained glass image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus radiated by the sunlight. As I quieted my mind, a thought came to me: The love of God is under the appearance of a heart and bread.

Let me explain for you that don’t know.

Growing up in the early 90s, Transformers was a great show. Essentially, the show was about a group of robots that appeared as vehicles and could switch to their original form at any time. The show even had a catchy slogan “Transformers robots in disguise, Transformers more than meets the eye.”

Underneath the physical appearance of a car, there was a talking robot that could shoot and even save the day. In other words, what appeared to be on the surface, wasn’t so but at its core was something far greater in scope.

Similarly, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Eucharist share a resemblance.

Jesus’ heart was fully human and fully divine, so his heart had an infinite amount of loved displayed through the cross. Jesus took the image of a heart and magnified it on a greater level to point toward his selfless giving to heal humanity of their sin.

Pure love and mercy displayed.

Also, the Eucharist appears to be bread but at its core, it’s the body, blood, soul, and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s an imperceptible change. Under the consecrated bread, Jesus is really present. We receive the Eucharist and in return are more aligned to the divine nature of God.

As I sat in the pew, I felt like I understood what it means to have a deeper understanding of these key devotions. I’m still relatively new to Catholicism and haven’t fully embraced any of the longstanding devotions for personal/spiritual reasons, but I think today I might start taking a deeper interest in trying to make it more to Eucharistic Adoration after work.

I think it would be a remarkable decision.

I guess Sunday I received a crash course on the saying “Looks can be deceiving.” Surely, within the Catholic Church, this saying is true. Not deceiving in a distrustful sense, but what appears is totally and substantially different than the physical reality.

Very thankful for God and the continual wisdom that He gives me.

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