God’s Separation of His People

God is the shepherd of His pasture and doesn’t want outsiders coming in the gates. He wants to protect the spiritual and physical well-being of His flock. However, pesky wolves sometimes sneak in to devour the flock, so God has to maintain a healthy separation between His and outsiders. Ultimately, the fencing ensures His own flock remains faithful to His voice.

In Exod. 8:22-23 9:6; 26, God shares through Moses that pestilence and plagues will surely fall upon the Egyptians instead of the Israelites. God just wanted His people to be set free so they could offer sacrifices and serve Hin. Pharaoh, on the other hand, displayed his unrepentant heart by refusing to let down his stubbornness to consider God’s demand.
In the midst of all the terrors that happened, God allowed the plagues to spare His people. Yes, they would fall upon the Egyptians, but His nation would be shown loving-kindness to not be harmed.

This showcase of God’s protection reminds me of Psalm 91. This psalm echoes the theme that those which seek shelter in God find refuge through any event in life. Because we have true faith in God, no matter the situation, He is willing to extend His protection toward us. As the psalmist says, “He who dwells in the shelter of the Highest, will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. ”

Moreover, this reminds me of Matthew 25:31-46 when Jesus will come to judge the world and separate his obedient followers from those that belonged to the world. Here he will be like a shepherd separating the obedient sheep from the indigenous or unrepentant.
I love that.
That seems fair and just.

It’s really a division between the two: Worshippers vs. Unbelievers. We’re both growing together until the appointed time when the reaper will come to gather the wheat (believers) and burn the tares (those planted by the evil one) (Matt. 13:24-30).

God’s constantly shows in the Bible the two paths laid out for all to pick. With each path comes a result that will define our eternal destiny. That’s why choosing Jesus Christ can never be neglected as the greatest option to pick. Thankfully, God will help bring the work He started to completion (Phil. 1:6) by our faith and love.

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