Traces of the Gospel Pt. 6

Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac is probably one of my favorite songs. Fleetwood managed to score an amazing string of successful hits from their classic Rumors album that detailed the ins and outs of the tumultuous relationships of the members. 

Written by their lead guitarist, Lindsey Buckingham, the song details the frustrated relationship between him and fellow group member, Stevie Nicks.  At that point in their relationship, he just wanted to release his feelings about Stevie. Consequently,  he wrote one of the biggest “Go away” songs in pop-culture.

This got me thinking of the dreaded unforgivable sin, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (Matt. 12:32; Mk 3: 28-29). Many Christians worry if they’ve committed this extremely horrible sin. 

Actually, a better understanding of this verse is prolonged resistance to penance and contrition of one’s sin. A role the Holy Spirit aids us in doing. Eventually, the heart will become callous and not even worry about matters such as embracing the love of Jesus Christ. At this point, Jesus will tell those unrepentant to simply “Go your own way” while true believers “Follow his way.”  Jesus is only offering salvation through the narrow way. Anything besides that is a counterfeit pathway. 

Think back to the gospels when Jesus told his disciples to brush the dust off their feet at an unbelieving house (Matt. 10:14). Again, Jesus directs those who present the message to simply “Go your own way” if they fail to be receptive to the message. No need to plead or beg, just go and allow them to remain stubborn in their unbelief. 

Grant, Jesus that all may follow you every day and grow as your disciples. 

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