The Power of Prayer 

The evil one tries to divert our attention away from the loving-kindness of God and have us as slaves to fear, doubt, and sin. All of these things are incompatible with the loving display of Jesus’ heart.

On the topic of unseen forces in spiritual warfare, we battle for our minds, faith, souls, purity, families, values, whatever you name surely evil can distort it for its wicked agenda. A good practice to cultivate to combat the schemes of the devil is submission to God. The biblical promise is if we submit to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from us (Jam. 4:7).

A lot of times, we Christians (including myself) feel as though “I can do it” without God. We neglect prayer throughout the day, fail to express thanksgiving or fail to ask God for strength to overcome the world. At this point, we become a “Christian atheist” that believes in God but fails to see the value of prayer. We operate under the false idea of “Being good without God” but really we’re settling for counterfeit contentment. Surely, our foundation can be rocked by the slightest occurrence without the hand of God on us.

From past experiences, I noticed I would become agitated very easily when I fail to pray. Over time, I’ve become more inclined to pray throughout the day which has been helpful. I heard someone say, “You wouldn’t eat or drink water once a day, so think of prayer in the same manner.” That makes sense. That quote got me thinking just how important prayer should be for my daily life.

I believe a lot of evil and unfortunate events can be avoided if we ignored our pride. Pride is very much related to the serpent’s appeal to Adam and Eve. The evil one convinces us that we don’t need God’s fellowship. Further, he says if we don’t rely on God’s strength then we won’t “surely die.”

What a total liar! No act of disobedience goes unpunished.

Please remember, just don’t do your day without God. He yearns to be at the center of everything we do.


    • Yes, thats very true. I heard a priest mention recently about how narcism can factor into our prayer life. We can become so fixated with “us” saying the prayer that we neglect more traditional/rehearsed prayers. “We want to get the glory or our prayers aren’t valid” sorta thing. That has got me thinking in recent days too.

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