The Value of Wisdom

For a few days now, I’ve been reading through The Book of Sirach. Very well pleased by the breadth of wisdom I’m receiving from such an important divinely inspired and canonical book.

Today, I read chapters thirteen and fourteen. Something I read that caught my attention was Sirach 14: 20-27 (emphasis mines):

20 Happy is the person who meditates on wisdom

and reasons intelligently,

21 who reflects in his heart on her ways

and ponders her secrets,

22 pursuing her like a hunter,

and lying in wait on her paths;

23 who peers through her windows

and listens at her doors;

24 who camps near her house

and fastens his tent peg to her walls;

25 who pitches his tent near her,

and so occupies an excellent lodging place;

26 who places his children under her shelter,

and lodges under her boughs;

27 who is sheltered by her from the heat,

and dwells in the midst of her glory.

This really speaks about the intimacy of wisdom. The writer gives it human nature. As I read, I really noticed the closeness of wisdom for someone’s life. That stood out to me as something important.

On a broader level, God is the source of knowledge and truth (Deu. 32:4; Is. 65:16; Jn. 14:6). The things that are of God, such as the Bible and Jesus Christ, are a source of wisdom in reliable revelation (which is why we should give both our attention). Thankfully, because wisdom is valuable, all we need to do is ask God and he’ll provide it to us (Jam. 1:5).

After I read the verses, the verbs clearly stood out. So many strong actions to perform and consider regarding the value of wisdom. I emphasized very powerful actions such as “mediates”, “camps”, and “sheltered.” All I could think of are the abundant benefits if we truly allowed God, the ultimate source of wisdom, to be “meditated” on or if we were “sheltered” by his wisdom. What does the psalm say? “You who live in the shelter of the Highest, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty.” As a result of seeking and applying wisdom: favor, blessings, and God’s are a result (Sir. 4:11-14). All of which are necessities for our spiritual growth. Yet all we have to do is ask!

May we continue to strive closer to the wisdom of God. May we place it in our minds, our mouths, and our hearts.

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  1. Sounds like a plan. Sirach and Wisdom are among my favorite books from Scriptures. Partly for their content and style, partly because both were edited out of Bibles I grew up with.

    Getting to know both, I can see why. In a snarky sense, there’s entirely too much wisdom in Wisdom for many tastes. 😉 Folks had more overtly seriously reasons for removing parts of the Bible they didn’t’ agree with. Not good reasons, I think: but serious ones.

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