Traces of the Gospel Pt. 2

In 1977, Australian Funk/R&B trio Bee Gees asked the question in their number one chart reaching hit “How Deep is Your Love” from the classic Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Honestly,  the soundtrack had many great songs from the Bee Gees catalog, but it’s with this song that reminds me of the Gospel of our Lord.
God demonstrates how deep His love is by sending his only Son to suffer on a cross.  Christ shows the depths of his love when he willingly lays down his own life (John 10:18). The Holy Spirit shows the remarkable working of love by helping us be governed by peace (Rom 8:6) rather than having our mind on the perishable hostile flesh. 
No wonder why in the song, the group can say 

“I believe in you..You know the door to my very soul…You’re the light in my deepest, darkest hour..You’re my savior when I fall”

No clearer sign of the Gospel than that


  1. I am really loving the fact that you are living the Christian Faith in most, if not every moment of your day…constantly seeing God and His message of love and how it relates to everything… Awesome!

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    • Thanks for the comment. I love music and I often find God in the smallest of ways in secular songs. Its funny how secular society tries to distance itself from Christian themes but someway or somehow they make there way in. It shows a lot about our desire to find God.

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