Finally Catholic!

Tonight during Easter Vigil, I made a profession of faith into the Catholic Church. All that the Holy Church teaches and holds to be true, I affirmed as true. To say that I’m happy is an understatement. I’m really beyond ecstatic!

Finally, the moment that I’ve waited for throughout 2017 has arrived. When I felt like giving up due to management issues at another parish, God opened another door at a local parish. When it looked like my confirmation date would be postponed to 2018, I was irritated and angry. However, God gave me so much patience to press-on to Easter Vigil that the idea of waiting seemed like a piece of cake.

This whole process has shown me God’s timing is right. God’s Providence never fails. In my short-sighted perspective, I can only see the small spec, but God being eternal has the whole portrait available at His disposal. He sees how the dots will connect and how they’ve already interacted. God just wants me to trust Him in the grand scheme of things. He ultimately knows what’s best for more than my short-sighted A to B perspective.

My marvelous wife attended the service and I’m really amazed by her support through this whole process. I know it was difficult initially to adjust to me embracing another faith tradition at the end of 2016/early 2017, but today she is unconditionally supportive of me. I thank her for that! As I mentioned in a previous post, she attends mass with me and finds elements of Catholicism very easy to resonate with. I will continue to live out my vocation as a husband to the best of my ability. God will continue to protect our marriage from the schemes of the evil one.

My convivial sponsor, Rolando Garcia, will serve as an amazing intercessor and I appreciate his friendship. He came through as spiritual MVP yesterday on a last-minute issue I had concerning Friday’s fasting guidelines. In one simple sentence, he gave me reassurance! So amazing!! He has been a staunch intellectual on Catholicism and his guidance will be helpful.

So many of my WordPress followers have been truly encouraging and welcoming. To name each individual would be exhausting. But you know who you are!! Even those with different denominations have been supportive. Truly, I thank all my brothers and sisters in Christ for their support of my blog and kind words over the last year. Your guidance, blog comments, and distant prayers have been received and greatly appreciated. May we continue to learn and grow together in Christ.

So much to write about. So many posts that I’ve been withholding, but now they can finally come into the light.

But first, let me joy rejoice at this moment. Let me savor the aroma of chrism oil fresh on my forehead. Most importantly, let me be in awe that I FINALLY received Christ’s Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity at the sacred banquet.

So thankful for the grace God gives. So thankful to be officially a Catholic Christian.

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  1. Yes!!

    Congratulations to you on this amazing step on your relationship with the L-rd and His church. We, too, had some early hiccups and changed to a different parish to complete our RCIA and we know firsthand those feelings of frustration and longing. G-d is good and His timing is always perfect.

    May G-d continue to lead and guide and bless your life. We will continue to be praying for you and your wife as you enter into this sacramental life in full.

    Welcome home!


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    • Paul,

      That whole RCIA mishap was horrible and frustrating. I was really loving the first parish and the director of adult faith formation was really amazing. I hated that I had to move because of politics. But regardless of when I entered, the fact that THAT I ENTERED is what matters. Thanks for your support and I enjoy your WordPress site!

      Thanks for your prayers

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  2. Awesome! To know that God’s voice is still being heard and discerned in this world which is often cloaked in the darkness of sin, gives me tremendous joy….your post has made my Easter Monday a bit more bright. Congratulations!

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    • No, your comment has made my Monday a bit more bright. So glad to be surrounded by a cloud of witnesses such as yourself that are just generally encouraging. I appreciate your support these last weeks.

      Thanks a lot


    • Thanks for the empowering words. I’m so glad to know you via WordPress. I appreciate your support through this process. I appreciate the prayers too. I was thinking about you at the end of my post regarding all the people who’ve been so welcoming!

      Thanks a lot!


  3. It is true God just wants you to trust in Him and His providence in the grand scheme of things. He also ultimately knows what’s best and can use different ways for a person to reach the right goal. We sincerely hope you having found Jesus would one day also come to see who Jesus really is and how you should follow him as the Way to God and not taking him as your god.

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