Why Our Past Matters to God

As Christians, we sometimes are forgetful of God’s involvement in our past. We can become so fixated on our present condition and are obsessed with our future that we don’t stop to realize God’s provisions of our yesterday.

Throughout the Old Testament, it is replete with references with God constantly reminding Israel about their redemption out of bondage from Egypt to have them as His chosen nation (Deu 29:2, Josh 2:10, 1 Kings 8:9, Jer 2:6, Hos 12:13, Amos 2:10, Mic 6:4).

A reason why God emphasized the significance of Israel’s past was to stress how important their redemption was correlated with the covenant of Israel’s patriarchs (Ex 3:15-17) and later with the Mosiac covenant (Ex 19:3-6). He wanted them to never forget how powerful he was for them in the past and how he would be faithful to Israel in the future (Deu 1:30).

When we stop to consider the many signs done to Pharaoh and the division of the sea, these miracles attested to God’s work in deliverance for those whom God sees as his possession (Ps 91:14-15). Centuries had gone by since Israel left Egypt, but God reminded them constantly about His covenant relationship by their redemption.
Those days have long passed, yet the application remains the same. The Sovereign Eternal God who has caused us to be born again to a living hope (1 Pet 1:3) desires us to remember his past miracles in our lives so that we may serve and worship him better daily.
It’s those moments when our crosses are too heavy that we shouldn’t retreat from God, but instead draw closer to him and remember all that he has done.

When we stop to think about all the miracles of the past, all the undeserved blessings, his fine care for our lives, it is evident that God truly will help us throughout any struggle. In moments of despair, we tend to throw our hands up in defeated groans. Then, we embrace a teeter-totter embrace of God’s love and faithfulness. However, In these moments, remember that the same God who fought for us in the past and ransomed us from our futile ways will strengthen us in the present to ultimately give us victory in the future which is the salvation of our souls


  1. What a wonderful post! Sometimes I do not want to look back, as I do not like what I see laying there. This made me realize if I do not “look back” at times, how am I going to see the love of God in my life, as I cannot look into the future and see it, can I? Loved it! God Bless, SR


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