Thoughts on Charlie Gard

An international case that has recently taken the world by surprise and created tons of heartfelt pleas was the life of Charlie Gard. Born last year in August, Charlie was born with a rare mitochondrial genetic disorder which caused immense damage to his body that: could not breathe without a ventilator, suffer deafness, blindness, and spend most of his life in a hospital.

In January, the parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, found an experimental treatment in America. Despite severe health-related issues Charlie experienced, the doctors in the hospital considered the therapy “futile” and his condition would unlikely improve.

Still, the parents raised money on a crowdfunding website for the treatment in America, but ultimately they never came. Numerous court cases, an appeal to the European Human Rights Court, all ended up agreeing seeking treatment wasn’t in his best interest.

The parents demonstrated consistent perseverance for the life of their son. At one point, it even seemed as though there would be a glimpse of hope as the hospital considered new evidence regarding the experimental treatment they raised money for. Tons of people saw this as an opportunity for a possible opportunity for success despite the large statistical odds against the treatment.

Despite high profile support from Pope Francis and President Donald Trump, eventually, the fighting baby life support machine was withdrawn last Friday, July 28th. What’s sad is he died almost a year after his birthday on August 4th.

Last week, I watched the very distressing announcement both Connie Yates and Chris Gard made regarding dropping their legal battle and not seeking treatment for their son. I don’t have children, but I could empathize with the grief and emotional torment both of them displayed at the press announcement. As his wife stood beside in obvious calm grief, Chris spoke to the press and choked up in the press statement.

It has been reported by that Charlie Gard received baptism which clearly indicates his family entrusted his well-being and spiritual life to God. Pope Francis said via Twitter, “I entrust little Charlie to the Father” which is very hopeful speculation about his eternal destiny.

It’s interesting how this baby boy came into the world and has influenced our politics and challenged international beliefs on the right to life, parental rights, and bioethics. Just as a baby boy, Jesus Christ, came into the world to reveal life and light to mankind, similarly Charlie Gard came to reveal why spreading the culture of life is paramount. Although dead, his light shines and will be a beacon of hope for all with end-of-life care. His parents have stated they would like to spread awareness and end-of-life issues similar to what they experienced. Which is very much a great way to impact the culture and promote life globally!

One thing is for certain. We haven’t heard the last of the influence this baby boy will have on generations to come on debates about social policy, potential bioethical concerns, parental rights and the extent of a government’s role in private decisions.

May God’s mercy, love, and grace extend to Charlie and the peace of God Almighty dwells with his parents.

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