Thoughts on French President’s African Baby comments

Recently, the new French President, Emmanuel Macron, decried African women and their cultural and traditional family planning practices as being part of the problem for Africa’s lack of success.  In large part, he and other western countries have contributed millions in aid to support abortive and contraception methods to help control the number of children women should have. 

The West has largely done this under the disguise of aiding women to get out of poverty. Moreover,  this practice by European and American Democrat presidents has been performed under the logic of something like,”we know what’s best and they [Africa] want an abortion.” With organizations such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and various global Nongovernmental Organizations (NGO), and global agencies that support many immoral practices that are contrary to what so many believe in.

Interestingly,  Pew Global survey of 40 countries from 2014  had nearly 6 Sub-Saharan African countries indicated that abortion is morally unacceptable with very strong numbers. Not to mention,  2 Northern African countries that are associated with the Middle East saw abortion as unacceptable with high numbers as well. I think a case could be made that their content needs to be left alone.  Heavy emphasis on “their” because Africa is those citizens continent, not the United Kingdom,  Germany, or France.  

The West shouldn’t repeat the same mistake as they did in centuries past or even a few decades ago. One must not forget the brutal, chaotic,  and long-lasting effects these same powers caused when they practiced imperialism and colonialism throughout the continent. While exerting their military and cultural power, eventually natural resources and precious materials were extracted and African people were greatly exploited. A complete violation of the Seventh  Commandment I must say.

Western nations would love nothing more than to see a widespread on demand similar embrace of abortion and contraception in Africa, Asia, South America, and other “developing”  countries.

There is not a natural resource more “natural” than the gift of a child. Thankfully, American tax dollars won’t fund abortion overseas. Upon his first days in office,  President Donald Trump reinstated the executive order referred to as the Mexico City Policy that prohibits US foreign aid to NGO’s from providing or advocating abortion-related services overseas. However, despite US withdrawal,  the fight for the dignity of life internationally still is being waged by groups with tons of global influence on organizations like the United Nations (UN).

On a related but separate post, a popular women’s rights activist recently posted on Twitter about how horrible it is to have children for our planet. Again, another example of a growing global expression of anti-life remarks. I’ve heard many people say we need to depopulate the earth. It seems as though the evolution of global warming has spread to global population control to combat human activity is having an impact on global warming.

My thoughts would be that of the film Children of Men. I thought this film had a great pro-life message. The film is all about preserving the last baby to be born in a time of great global turmoil and protests. An amazing scene happens when in the midst of war, the African mother of the first baby born in decades has just given birth and walks out into the battlefield. Literally, all the soldiers and civilians stop fighting and running to gaze upon the new baby’s beauty. Everybody in unity is fixated on the presence of life. As the Gospel of John says, “we beheld his glory” comes to mind.  

Just as Africa in the film is a beacon of hope for life, in reality, this can be the same thing. If we become so focused on depopulation we will ultimately be on a negative path of not cherishing and diminishing the dignity of life. We too, like the soldiers,  will be blinded by the debris of ash and smoke hiding our eyes from the presence of what an amazing creation we have been gifted with. Far too much social engineering has taken place in America, Canada, and Europe on the sanctity of life and what it means to be a person. 
The Fifth Commandment reinforces the sacred value and culture of life. In order to stop the reasoning that is becoming widespread, we have to instead combat falsehoods with affirmations on life from its conception to its natural death. I think more people in Africa would urge and prioritize education and opportunities for economic mobility more than abortion services. Women can and should utilize morally acceptable forms of family planning and techniques to space out births, but to obliterate life totally is a huge mistake.

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  1. I could never kill a child. Either in or out of the womb. How these women do this and live with themselves I will never know??? I remember in my Biology class in high school the teacher told us the most helpless thing every born is a “baby,” because it cannot move. All other births in the animal kingdom have a chance because they can move, but not a human infant.

    To take something so helpless and kill it, is beyond my human reason. I saw a quote one time which said, “If it is the woman’s body, then why aren’t they one’s who are dying.” Pretty much said it all for me. Good post and thanks for sharing. God Bless, SR

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