Thoughts on Gender Choice

Recently, I read an article about a parent in Canada that decided to mark their child as genderless. The article stated that this is the world’s, first gender-free baby. The parent’s main reason for opting into this was on the basis of human rights claiming it would be a violation to assign a sex.

As I quote Imagine Dragons 

“Welcome to the new age” or shall I say “new phase.”

This new phase of the continuation of the Sexual Revolution from the 1960s, non-binary movement of gender, is the latest social movement of the conquest for LGBTQ community and progressives in America.  Interestingly, In a matter of a few short years, same-sex marriage has become highly morally acceptable according to recent data (link below). Now what people thought would take years or even half a decade to normalize, has been on the rise in many instances.

Essentially,  this non-binary movement is making a change in how we perceive gender. What does it mean to truly be a “man” or “woman” simply has no real meaning anymore if it depends on personal preference, expression,  identity, and opinion. In such a way, this movement has managed to create a clear chasm between “gender” and “sex” with large numbers of social scientists, doctors and even religious leaders in support.  

However,  if we take gender as it’s being masqueraded to its fullest extension, which is personal identity and expression, it creates many problems for men and women. For example,  a male with male genitals wears female underwear;  what good would that do when his anatomy isn’t shaped or designed to be supported for a female’s underwear? 

Similarly,  when women that have female genitals wears boxers or male underwear;  what good does it do when they don’t support her design?  I’ve heard from too many women that in order for them to feel like a man, they usually wear an artificial male penis. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make them a male. 

Furthermore, have these particularl women noticed the slit or opening in the boxers that are designed for male genitals? The same could go for bras, or jeans designed to cater to women’s shape.  Must we remember basics of biology,  female and male puberty for adolescents entail very different transformations? 

We’ve seen many stories about “man having a baby” or at the beginning of this year the transgender boy that won a woman’s wrestling tournament. What interesting about the wrestler’s case is the student was born female, identifies as male, but the league wouldn’t allow him to wrestle guys. Why? Because the league has obedience to natural law than personal preference. Moreover,  regarding the pregnant man, the only reason this person could conceive is that anatomically and according to reproduction,  the “he” was born a female.

In fact, if we use the parents logic from Canada,  the science of biology is in error and violates human rights for its rigid and narrow-minded view of how sex is determined. To claim the baby doesn’t have a gender is out of touch with reality.  

I read an article by Fr. Tad Pacholczyk, Ph.D. that touched on the implications of a severe bio-ethical concern this issue creates for our society. In his article, he provides a comparison that drives home the point regarding identity engineering:

 “Suppose a man were to declare that his real identity, in his innermost self, was that of a pirate and that he had always been aware of it from his earliest childhood. If he were to decide, in order to more fully conform to that inner identity, to have his hand surgically removed so that he could have a hook installed in its place, this would surely indicate a serious mental condition on his part, and counseling, along with other psychiatric interventions, would be appropriate, rather than encouraging medical mutilation.”

If medical experts would recommend such interventions for this person, why create blurred lines for individuals who are convinced they’re in the wrong body?

“Male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27). Today’s speculation about a gender spectrum is totally unaligned to our Christian worldview. In sum, those that live in this particular lifestyle need love and not discrimination or harassment. As Christians, we have an amazing opportunity to show others how important it is to have our ultimate identity in Jesus Christ. Through this identity and being a new creation,  healing, internal transformation,  peace, and comfort are available to the end of the age.

Pew Research



  1. Jesus also recognized a third category: “Jesus replied, “Not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given. For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.””
    I wonder how intersex persons feel about all this – knowing that they’re something of ‘both/and’ and not ‘either/or’. Do they get to choose which one? Do they get to alter themselves so as to more fully conform to just one? Or does God want them to confirm their both-ness and accept both aspects of their double genders?


    • A lot of people unfortunately misinterpret the verse you used regarding what a eunuch is. To fully understand Jesus words here you have to fully know the context behind what he is saying. Plus the bible has tons of what a eunuch is.

      A eunuch is a castrated male (male with no genitals) or someone not capable of sexual desires due to castration. Being a eunuch in the antiquity was regarded as being a useful and trustworthy person. These people were hired by people of royalty (Acts 8:27; Esther 2:3, 15). Also, in Esther we find that a eunuch was in charge of a group of women.

      Now in Jesus words in Matthew 19 are important. The verses before it the eunuch verse, the Jews are taking to Jesus about marriage and divorce. Jesus explains about the original intent of permanency in marriage by God, but Moses let them divorce however Jesus reaffirms that marriage is not to be broken and if it is then one has committed adultery (except for sexual immorality). His disciples say in verse 10 “If such is the case of a man with his wife, it is better not to marry.”

      Next brings us to Jesus words. As Jesus commonly did, he used metaphors and figurative langauage to convey a larger spiritual meaning to connect about the kingdom of God. Jesus here is metaphorically speaking eunuchs in the context of marriage.

      For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth (born without any desire to marry)

      There are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men (forced to castration for purposes of particular interest for whomever is performing the act which would prevent the person of sexual life and marriage)

      there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven (those who willingly go without sex or dont get married in order to be a servant of God)

      Essentially,  Jesus here is saying that it might be better to give up sexual reproduction and marriage to devote more time to serve the kingdom of God. Also, Jesus clarifies the apostles misunderstanding by saying that it might be better not to marry for the sake of God, not because marriage is impossible as they were thinking.  This is consistent with Paul’s message in 1 Corinthians 7.

      Furthermore, this practice of becoming a eunuch is intertwined with Catholicism. Embracing religious life comes with voluntary celibacy and choosing to go solo for the rest of one’s life. Monks, nuns, priest, religious sisters all devote their life to God for service and live out their faith accordingly.

      This is the larger explanation of Jesus words.

      Thanks for your thoughts 😊

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  2. My thoughts on this are and I always say this:

    “I love animals and have six dogs. So if I identify myself as being a “dog” ought I not to have the right to be one? Therefore avoiding paying taxes, paying bills, doing any type of work, having my animal rights, (as if you kill a dog you go to jail, kill a baby in the womb, nothing!) Someone else feeding and caring for me? Someone else paying for my home?” Anyways, you get the picture.

    It goes back to me what God said to Adam and Eve, “Who told you, you were naked?” Of course the devil did. He opened their eyes to sin. To me it is the same thing. “Who tells these people they are not the gender to which they were born?”

    What is so sad to me, are these kids whose parent’s take them to have the sex change operation at such a young age. Their brain is not even completely formed at such a time. I often wonder what is going to happen to them as they grow older and realize they truly are the gender to which they were born?

    Good post and enjoyed reading. God Bless, SR

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    • The children who are being victims of this phenomenon are really sad cases to hear about. I often wonder how do they know about these feelings.

      As a child, I literally had thousands of desires and beliefs that I held passionately that eventually phased out over time. Like me claiming to be a child voice actor in the movie James and the Giant Peach (which I admire and LOVED wholeheartedly as a kid). If im not mistaken, my brother went a long with my lie. He probably did this so I wouldn’t feel bad, but I had this belief for a while.

      Kids will claim they’re hungry and after you give them something really good, they’ll change their mind quickly Lol. So I scratch my head at how a kid can have full assurance when so many kids say things such as being in the wrong body.

      The thoughts you have on this issue are exactly what they should be. Nobody would take you serious if you were a dog. Moreover, no one would allow you to stop paying taxes and stop your obligations to society. If anything, perhaps you should be recommended for serious medical interventions if you thought you were a dog.

      Honestly, this issue is only popular because a small majority of people are hijacking how we view reality and redefining what is truth. Its politically and socially acceptable to be in agreement with sin. Furthermore, this acceptance is trying to be spread in schools to reach a larger impressionable audience, our nations youth.

      As best as we can, Christians need to show love and not harassment and discrimination but offer the identity of Jesus Christ, be attentive to others sufferings, and be a listener when needed.

      Thanks for the insight and your thoughts 😊


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