Thoughts on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ 

The cornerstone of the Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the last two hundred years or so, there has been increasingly more skepticism and scholarship outside and inside the Church about the validity of Christ’s post-death appearance. People have tried to modernize it with strange theories or put forward a list of other phenomena witnessed by the apostles such as hallucinations or dreams. Thankfully, all of these theories have been debunked and shot down. This post will only provide internal evidence from the Bible for the validity of the resurrection.

1) The belief in the supernatural. Meaning that something exists that supersedes the laws that govern our world and can’t be explained through scientific inquiry. Our worldview requires belief in the supernatural because so many things are created in our universe beyond the natural realm of observation. Consider creation Ex-Nihilo, the incarnation of Jesus Christ, Virgin Birth, or miracles of the Bible. All of these require belief in the supernatural for them to have happened.

2) The resurrection had as many as five hundred witnesses based on 1 Corinthians 15:6. Many of these people were still living or dead at the time of Paul’s writing. Why didn’t they write about it? Perhaps many couldn’t write or my favorite option is that the Holy Spirit didn’t inspire any of them to record this miracle.

3) The disciples were radically transformed from being scared of death and public scorn before the resurrection to boldly preaching and willing to die for a risen Jesus after his Ascension.

4) The empty tomb that both Mary’s witnessed in (Matthew 28:1-8).

5) The transformation of the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus. Paul famously had been a persecutor of the Church by killing Christians prior to his encounter with Jesus. However, after his miraculous encounter, he began to work as a slave for the advancement of the gospel. The Jews were even amazed by his transformation (Acts 9:21). Paul eventually would write 3/4 of the new testament based on this supernatural event that transformed his life completely.

6) The ministry of the apostles was 100% based on Jesus’ resurrection. If Jesus had not been resurrected they could never be changed from disciples (learner) to an apostle (one who is sent out). Who were they sent out by? With what authority could someone have commissioned these 11?

The disciples spent nearly 3 years with Jesus and didn’t fully comprehend everything he did or said, but they still had enough faith to believe that Jesus Christ wasn’t a mere person like them. Although we may not fully understand the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we can have the assurance that our faith is built on a truthful foundation.

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