Snorkeling in South Padre Island, Tx

During our anniversary (June 20th is our official date) mini vacation, one of the many activities Melissa and I did was snorkel in the Laguna Madre in South Padre Island, TX. This was intended to be a great experience for the both of us. I viewed videos on YouTube by others who snorkeled on South Padre Island and it intensified my desire to get wet and have fun!

The instructor provided amazing safety and swimming tips to ensure everyone on the boat properly snorkeled correctly. A key rule was not to stand up in the water because the sand would make the water murky and difficult to view the aquatic life. Surprisingly,  the water in the Laguna Madre is only 4-5 ft deep so no room for any serious drowning.

As we arrived to our destination,  Melissa became more and more nervous about swimming. I on the other hand was prepared to embark on this water adventure. 

When we arrived at our destination,  one by one we all had to get on the edge of the boat to place our fins and snorkels on.  We were the second to the last group to get out of the boat. The last married couple was similar to us. The wife was scared and nervous while her husband was confident. Also, the instructors gave us fish food, but we didn’t take advantage of it because you couldn’t get the food wet. You had to keep the food above water at all times. I think they’re warning about sharks taking the food if left in our pockets terrified me which is why I didn’t take it. Was he even serious with that comment? 

Once in the water, Melissa had to get used to using the rescue tube to stay afloat. Thankfully with the help of an instructor , she got the hang of how to properly use it. We stayed close by each other and sometimes took turns at diving or both going under to see what lied beneath the waters. To our surprise, we found many catfish and other common types of fish of the Laguna Madre.

I swam to the floor  to see if I could identify any hermit crabs, crabs, or any other crustaceans. The draw back of going under the water is your snorkeling tube, which is how you breath, gets filled with water, so I had to push the water out when it was filled.

I didn’t see any crustaceans,  but what I did see frightened me! I saw a jellyfish. At the sight of the jellyfish,  I swam back to the surface in panic. I saw on someone’s South Padre Island YouTube video touch a jellyfish without any harm. I didn’t want to take that risk or even be near it, so im glad I took precaution by swiftly swimming away. 

I had some amazing underwater video I recorded. However,  I deleted some of the pictures from our getaway and deleted it

The snorkeling experience was great, but now I want to go a bit deeper,  scuba diving. Off the coast of Galveston, Texas there ls the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. This place ls amazing for scuba diving. Hundreds maybe thousand of species of aquatic life are there. Not to mention various types of choral. We need to find a scuba diving class soon so we can become certified or whatever license is needed to scuba dive in Texas.

As we rode back on the boat to the dock, I was thinking of how special it is to share life with someone you love. Not only sharing but embracing God’s vision of oneness more and more each day. Im thankful to have shared this experience with my wife. Also, Im thankful for God’s Providence that we or the other people snorkeling were sustained and protected from any real harm or threats that day. I pray that God allows us to have more exciting adventures in years to come. 

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