A Daily Defense book review

A Daily Defense: 365 Days ( plus one) to Becoming a Better Apologist is the latest book I’ve purchased. Written by senior Apologist at Catholic Answers, Jimmy Akin, is a great tool for quick and accesible daily apolegetics in various fields including philosophy, Catholicism, and science.

On a side note, Jimmy’s background and experience in literally everything Catholicism,  has greatly influenced my conversion from Baptist denomination to the Catholic Church. His open forum segments on CA Live have been a great addition to my commute home on weekdays.

His latest book proves just how digestible difficult apolegetic topics can be broken down in bite-sized sorta devotional like readings. He starts off each day with an objection. Then Jimmy provides a short response to the objection and in detail expands on that response. He wonderfully reinforces with clarity and concision while driving home the main points of the topic discussed in the body. Furthermore, at the closing of the reading,  he provides a resource  or a helpful tip to help you grasp the essence of his expanded response.

If you don’t have time to read large detailed volumes or chapters about apolegetics, you should get this book. If you somehow get drowned out by lengthy arguments and prefer something simple, non-exhaustive,  but yet effective that demonstrates a knowledge of the faith then you should get this book. If you want  great short Catholic answers to the most pressing anti-Catholic,  non-Christian attacks, or claims of an atheist worldview then this book will give you great insight.



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